Sunday, April 7, 2013

no more bingo

We have been doing some sort of conference bingo for over 13 years.  This past conference the boys weren't into it.  It wasn't active enough or they felt they didn't get enough candy.  This past weekend I mentioned to the family that we needed to do something new.

 I asked for suggestions and Carson suggested tally marks.  I liked it.  The boys were nervous that it wouldn't work, and it would be confusing.  All morning they hoped we would do bingo after all.  When I explained how it worked they didn't believe it would work.  When they had 5 tally marks they would earn 3 or 4 little candies (M&Ms, jelly beans, robin eggs).  For 10 tally marks they would earn a chocolate crunch egg.  The boys would hold up either the 5 or 10 puzzle piece to help us know what they earned, in hopes to cut down on talking, then mark them off with a red marker so they would know it was used. 

As conference began some of us would holler out the words that were being said since they weren't use to the new list of words.  There were times they couldn't mark the words quick enough since they were coming at them so fast.  About two talks into conference Mason give me a thumbs up.  All was good.

With them actively listening for the list of words they were listening to the talks.  It was great to hear their reaction as they were listening to President Monson talk, how at 8 years old he had started a fire with his friend.  I'm sure they'll hear this talk in Primary to help them learn the importance of being obedient. 

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