Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween night

Mason went to a friends house for a party tonight.  He still came home with a lot of candy. 

 Our neighbor Colton is the taller Captain America.  ;)  We trick or treated with him last year too.

 Brian usually does the gore for the kids. He had meetings tonight.  I think I did an OK job. 

This tutu that Karlee is wearing is actually an old dance costume she wore in first grade, I think.  She's still just as skinny.
Bailee went to Boo at Bos and needed to dress up.  She started worrying about a costume on Saturday.  This morning she decided to buy a T-shirt and and a tutu at Walmart after school.  Surprise! There wasn't anything left.  She was thinking about wearing a witches hat and came across this toddler costume that McKinzie wore when she was 3. worked! 

Happy Halloween!!

BTW ~ McKinzie only has 6 more weeks!!!
We're all ready!

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