Sunday, October 21, 2012

Camp El Tesoro

The second week in October the 5th grade class at Mason's school went to a camp for three days.  Brian was hoping to go in place of me.  But as it got closer there were meetings that he couldn't miss.  The rest of the kids weren't too excited that I was going to be gone, but I'm soo glad I was able to make arrangements so I could go and hang out with Mason and his friends.

This bridge is the main entrance into camp.  They allowed 10 students and one adult at a time.  It was extremely wobbly.  The kids loved it!

The first activity was "rock, paper, scissors".  In a short time we had a winner. 
Every day we attended 5 different classes.  Each day it would build upon the last day.  The classes were,
team building,
and archery.  Archery was everyones favorite.  On the first day Mason hit the target with all five arrows.  His classmates were impressed.  Cub Scouts is paying off. ;)

The first night Mason was involved in the flag lowering ceremony. There was one student from each class.

This is the cabin I slept in, on the left.  We had 8 girls and 2 chaperone's.

This is the main lodge.  Where we had our meals and the tree classes.

On the last day there was a challenge, each class had to compete against each other.  Chaperone's couldn't help in any way.  Team building was the most fun to watch.  It was these two pictures above.  The students were in a circle and they couldn't let go of hands.  They had to pass two hula hoops going opposite directions.  While at the same time passing a soccer ball to the next person between their feet AND passing a bowling pin from neck to neck. In less than 20 minutes!  Surprisingly they did it!!

Another fun one was the archery.  They had three different targets.  Each with different points needed.  3-10-69.  On the first round of students we had 3-9-14.  Chandler shot the 3 point with one arrow.  Very exciting.  It was Mason's turn and he only needed one point to get to 10.  He shot the first arrow and missed.  He shot the second and hit the white! One point!!  Exciting.  In the end we ended up hitting 70 points on the last target.  But we found out we tied for first.  Wahoo!! 

After lunch the teachers tallied all the points together and they announced the winner of the challenge.  Drum roll please..........Mrs. Young's class!!!!! (That's Mason's class.)  Wahoo!! 

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