Thursday, November 1, 2012

birthday girl

Today is Bailee's 17th birthday.  WOW!! She's getting old!  One more year and she's on her own.  That's our goal as parents, right?  There are days I'm ready for that step.  Then there are days that I will miss her so much. 

About a week before her birthday Brian and I gave her her present from us.  We bought her two concert tickets for the 27th.  She took her best friend, Jessica.  They saw Jason Aldean and Luke Brian.   They had a blast!

This morning Bailee woke up to a balloon avalanche.  When she opened her door balloons went everywhere.  :)

We went out to dinner at Joe T. Garcia's.  (I've been wanting to go there for years.)  Bailee wanted Mexican and something new.  Of course I suggested Joe's.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  The weather was perfect to eat out on the patio.  The food was yummy too.  I'm thinking we'll go back. 
 Bailee has a thing for mustaches.  She's been sporting one for over a year now, her sunglasses.  Brian and I gave her a mustache key chain, and nail decals.  Mason gave her mustache bandages.  McKinzie gave her a mustache for her car!!  And duct tape with mustaches.  I think we went over board.  :P  She loved all of it!

WE love you Bailee!!!! Happy, happy birthday!!

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