Monday, October 8, 2012

family campout

Friday we went up to Fort Richardson to camp.  Shocking I know.  I don't think we have ever camped by ourselves.  We're not campers, maybe it's mostly me.  :)
Our boys have been wanting to go camping for along time.  Both Bailee and Karlee are in the BSA Venturing Crew and are going on a high adventure to Philmont in August.  They must be campers, right?
So Brian and I decided to give it a try.  We bought a larger tent and a propane stove.  I talked with a friend, that has 5 boys and camps a lot, to find out where to go.  We had a blast! 
We got our tents up before dark, barely, and ate tin foil dinners.  They loved them! I was surprised.  I guess if you eat late enough, and the kids are hungry enough, they'll love anything.  ;)  Of course we had smores also.  Brian is the best marshmallow roaster around.  He'll roast marshmallows until we're full.
Mason wanted to go to bed at 9.  He was so anxious to sleep in his own tent with Carson.  We kept putting them off to make sure they we're tired enough to fall asleep quick.  Shortly before bed Brian made a comment about the Book of Mormon and was curious on how the war ended.  One of the boys said we should get our phones out to read.  Brian and I got out our phones.  Karlee got her iPod, and Mason got his Kindle.  We read for 15 minutes or so, enjoying the warmth of the fire and the Spirit.  We had a prayer and off to bed we went.  It was a perfect evening.  The boys fell asleep quick and didn't have any problem sleeping in their own tent.  Both Brian and and I was surprised.

In the morning I asked Karlee to get the bacon out of the cooler.  She looked and looked and couldn't find it.  I thought how crazy.  I know I packed some.  She finally found it... In the creek!  A raccoon and helped himself to our bacon and granola bars during the night.  After breakfast he came through again.  He was just a little guy, kinda cute and very clever.

We played a few games, hiked through trees and chased after frogs.  The frogs hid themselves very well. Carson had the best eye to see them.

After we packed up our tents we headed over to check out the Fort that used to be there. 

It was interesting to see how many men were there at one time.  I think 500 was the highest amount.  We enjoyed it all.  I'm sure we'll camp some more.  Once we buy what we need to not sleep directly on the hard ground.  :-)


I have a good life said...

I have camped at that same camp. It was fun. :) If you go again, I have others that are my favorites! :)

And...I hate the sleeping on the ground. Just started using an air mattress and I will never go back!

nikko said...

I can't believe you went without an air mattress! You are a brave chicka! We have cots and pads that we use. The ground is hard and cold!

I'm so glad you went and had fun. We love camping there! Last time we went we saw fireflies, too! So fun. Oh, and keep your cooler back in the car overnight. :o)