Thursday, October 18, 2012

more homecoming week

For the rest of Homecoming week the girls dressed up for Decades Day on Tuesday.
Then on Wednesday it was Grandparents Day.  Karlee went all out.  She was very nervous the night before.  But once I put her hair in rollers for school she accepted it and went crazy. 

After school she told me how great her day was.  People, she didn't know, asked to take her picture.  Someone from the yearbook staff took her picture.  Karlee LOVED all the attention.  There were a few students, that saw her from behind, asked her it she needed any help.  LOL

I'm sure she'll do this another year.  :-)

Monday night Bailee and I had time to start our hunt for her dress.  I have been shopping many times for dance dresses and didn't enjoy it very much. 

Before we got out of the car I told Bailee we needed to say a prayer.  She looked at me funny.  I said the prayer and we headed in.  The sixth dress in the first store was the winner.  Wahoo!!  We headed over to Charming Charlie's to find accessories.  We found everything we needed!  The whole night was a success.  I have some strappy sandals that will work perfect.  I'm so glad we said that little prayer.  We had fun, we found the dress, and it helped out testimony to grow.  :)

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