Wednesday, August 22, 2012

swim w/friends

This month we invited to some friends to swim with us in their neighborhood pool.  Crazy sounding I know.  I have a pool card because McKinzie's HOA manages the neighborhood.  My friend just happened to move into that neighborhood a short time ago.  So we went swimming to catch up on life. 

We all had a great time.  After a few hours it started to sprinkle.  We ignored it. It started getting darker so we started gathering up our things.  By the time we head to the car it's a downpour. I think we got more wet from the rain than the pool. 
It was some much needed rain.  When I drove down our street I could tell we didn't get a drop.  A little frustrating.  So out I went to water a few plants.  These scattered showers drive me crazy.  Our house wants some too.

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