Friday, August 31, 2012

another weekend in SLC

 Three days after I was home from my sisters weekend in SLC I headed back for a wedding.  Only Brian, McKinzie and I went. It was a very quick trip.  But we were grateful that we were able to make the trip and be there for Kristen.

Kristen is such a talented, beautiful woman.  I think her and Jon are going to be very happy.

We didn't want to get in the way of all of the family pictures so went and hung out around Temple Square until the luncheon.
 We were hoping to tour the Conference Center while we were waiting.  Unfortunately it was closed because of an event that evening.
 The luncheon was held in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  The food was delicious! 
 On Saturday before we headed home we were able to take a tour of the Conference Center.  It's HUGE!! And beautiful!

We were even able to go on the roof and see the amazing view.

As a family we were planning to attend General Conference in October.  I recently learned that you have to be 8 to attend.  Carson will only be 7.  I was very disappointed.  Now that I've seen the Conference Center I'm okay to wait another year or so.  Hopefully only one year.

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