Monday, January 31, 2011

adam and pets

You know, I will admit there have been times I considered putting my kids in here just so I knew where they were (a much larger one of course).  Adam started playing in Stella's crate this past week. 

 Although, this is the first time Stella got in there with him.  :)
 Remember this little guy, Oscar.  He's not so little anymore.
 His favorite spots are Adam's highchair, after he's finished eating.  He's hoping for a treat still in the seat.  He also hid in here so Stella and Adam would leave him alone after he came home from being declawed.

And the top of the couch.  This use to be Cali's favorite spot too,  until she got so mad at us she only comes home to eat.  We got Oscar in mid September.  I don't think Cali slept in the house, not even a nap, until late December when it was in the 20s at night.   
In the Fall I had a neighbor come by and told me that Cali was chasing her kitties into their house.  She was surprised to find out that she  wasn't a Tom and that she'd been declawed.  She wanted me to keep Cali home.  How in the world do you keep a cat home?!?  Cali has become a bully.  We miss our sweet kitty.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Karlee had a game Thursday afternoon.  The team is improving, but we're not winning games.  Near the end of the game Karlee was fouled on a shot so she shot a free throw.  She didn't make it.  :(

Both the boys had games today.  It has been so fun watching Mason play.  This year he has really gotten into the game.  He is eager to play and he often gets rebounds.
Carson is getting better also.  He is eager to run up and down the gym and cheers almost every time a basket is made. 
For Christmas Karlee got a $50 gift card to Half Price Books.  A couple of days ago she remembered about the gift card and so we went after the games today.  She bought all these books and still has over $20 left on her card.  She was tickled.

This afternoon while Karlee and I were browsing through books, Brian took Bailee out driving...on the Interstate.  She was nervous, so was Brian.  Brian said she did fine, Bailee thought it was scary. 

I gave Brian this fire pit for Christmas.  Brian and I tried to use it a week ago, but is was just too cold.  It was about dinner time and Mason asked if we could roast hot dogs.  It was perfect.  The high for the day was it!!  So when the sun went down it was a little chilly and the fire was just enough.  The girls were at a birthday party so the four of us enjoyed dinner outside.  We also roasted marshmallows.  YUM!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Mason has developed a love for reading.  He tried to pour milk while doing his daily reading.  He did tell me that he could see the cup out of the corner of his eye... 

Can you imagine what it might look like if he couldn't see the cup?! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

strange question

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was going to die?   Like your husband?

I've had that feeling since August.  At first I would think about the funeral and talking to my kids teachers.  I was so very worried. 

When Brian travels he always lets me know when his flight is taking off, when he  lands, and when he arrives at his hotel.  We talk every night sometimes during the day.    During the Fall I was always watching the clock when he traveled waiting to hear from him.  By mid November I didn't think about it much.

Today it has been all consuming, almost debilitating.  As soon as I started  to stir at 5:20 this morning this has been in my thoughts, if not my only thought.  I've  thought about how I would tell his mom.  How I would tell each of our kids separately.   What exactly he would be wearing for the funeral.  (Isn't this morbid?)

Our Neighborhood Patrol Officer is a friend of ours, I pictured him coming to my door to tell me there had been an accident.  By 8:30 I was finally able to get control of my emotions, which was a good thing.  I had a number of things going on this morning that I needed to be in control.    

I've called Brian a couple of times this morning to tell him to be safe...and that I love him.  I'm sure he thinks I'm losing my mind. 

He called at noon to check in with his insane wife.  

Have you ever thought about this?  Am I losing my mind?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday!!

Today the kids didn't have school.  I'd like to say they were out for Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  The teachers had in service, so not likely.  We had a great day.  We all slept in and didn't have breakfast until 10. 

Brian invited me to have lunch downtown with his EA, Christy, and her husband.  We went to Razzoo's, of course.  When I got back home Bailee and I went driving.  We drove mostly around the neighborhood.  She did U-turns, 3 point turns, even had on coming traffic a couple of times.  Then she drove part of the way to Aldi's Market.  She drove on Boaz where the road is smooth and wide.  She was too nervous to attempt the possibility of traffic on Old too.  Overall, she did great.  I'm sure she'll be driving to seminary soon. 

This afternoon the boys were in charge of the treat for FHE.  Mason made the cupcakes.  I only helped with the eggs.  He didn't want to get his hands dirty.

But it must be OK when it comes to the batter.  :)
Carson helped me mix the frosting and helped frost.  Bailee said they looked good enough for Cupcake Wars.  :P  They boys did great!  Not only did they look good, but they tasted super yummy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bailee got her drivers license/permit today.  Look out North Texas, it's gonna be scary.  ;0)

cute girl

Bailee got a couple of hats for Christmas and I couldn't resist when I saw her before she left for school.  I had to get the camera. 

Now she's a hat girl!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend has been great.  On Saturday both the boys had their first basketball game.  I loved it!! I love watching my kids play sports.  They both did great.  Mason got rebounds, dribbled down the court and made three baskets.  He wanted more playing time.  All of this is huge for him.  His team played great.  They all made baskets and had a great time. 

Carson only had one practice before the game.  For the first couple of minutes both teams struggled with where to run and what to do.  But soon they all caught on and played very well.  By the second half Carson was getting rebounds and even made a basket.  So fun!!

After the games Brian and I went to a new convert Baptism.  It seems like our Ward has a lot of baptism.  Definitely more than any Ward we have been in before.

Karlee spent the day at a SAT prep class. Yes, I meant to say Karlee.  She is involved in a DUKE TIP program that starts them preparing for the SAT test early.  Bailee was also invited when she was in 7th grade, but we didn't understand the value of the program so we didn't sign her up (sometimes we are such slacker parents).  Karlee took the SAT at school a few weeks ago and her score was 1400!!  Karlee was told that the average high school student makes a 1500 on the test.  She will have two SAT prep Saturdays then she will take the test with high school students.  We are all very excited for her.  Go Karlee!!

Bailee has been working on a home study drivers ed course.  I think next week we will be able to go get her permit.  Scary and exciting at the same time.  Maybe more scary.     

Today it snowed!!  Not much, just a dusting, but the flakes during church were huge.  Tonight it's  supposed to be very cold.  If it rains or snows were talking ice.  Tomorrow morning the roads could be scary.  I'm glad I can stay home. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

two weeks...

and counting.  I don't remember ever spreading a sickness like we have this time.  We really aren't sick people.  Maybe it's not good to spend too much time together.

Carson was sick Tuesday and Wednesday before Christmas.  I was sick on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  We both stayed home from church not wanting to spread it to anyone.  Mason was sick on Tuesday then Brian started feeling sick Wednesday.  He lasted the longest, until Saturday.  Sunday McKinzie lost her voice and didn't want to go to work on Monday, but she still went.  Tuesday Adam woke up with a fever and Kinz stayed home with a sick baby.  Today I have spent the day rocking him.  Every once and a while he will want down and follow Carson or play with a toy.  But a few minutes later he comes back and lets me lift him to my lap.  

I hope he's last.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Eve ended up being a great night.  The original plan was that Brian and I needed to chaperon a youth dance while Bailee was babysitting down the street and Karlee watching our boys.  But this last week all except the girls have been sick and Brian was too sick for us to go to the dance.  So plan B was Just Dance and donuts.  Not a bad plan just very last minute.  We bought the game that day and it was a first for all but Bailee. 

The three little ones went down the street to play with the kids Bailee was watching.  When they got home we started dancing and making donuts.   

Mason wasn't into the dancing but he was a huge help in the kitchen.  I think next year we will need to double the recipe.  Kinz and Karlee ran some down to Bailee so she could have hot donuts too. 

Today has been more Wii fun and relaxing. 
Almost all of Christmas has been put away until another year.  I'm ready to have my house back to normal.

Happy New Year!!!  Make it the best you can!