Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday!!

Today the kids didn't have school.  I'd like to say they were out for Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  The teachers had in service, so not likely.  We had a great day.  We all slept in and didn't have breakfast until 10. 

Brian invited me to have lunch downtown with his EA, Christy, and her husband.  We went to Razzoo's, of course.  When I got back home Bailee and I went driving.  We drove mostly around the neighborhood.  She did U-turns, 3 point turns, even had on coming traffic a couple of times.  Then she drove part of the way to Aldi's Market.  She drove on Boaz where the road is smooth and wide.  She was too nervous to attempt the possibility of traffic on Old too.  Overall, she did great.  I'm sure she'll be driving to seminary soon. 

This afternoon the boys were in charge of the treat for FHE.  Mason made the cupcakes.  I only helped with the eggs.  He didn't want to get his hands dirty.

But it must be OK when it comes to the batter.  :)
Carson helped me mix the frosting and helped frost.  Bailee said they looked good enough for Cupcake Wars.  :P  They boys did great!  Not only did they look good, but they tasted super yummy.

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I have a good life said...

Great job, Bailey!

And...those cupcakes look yummy (and I don't like cake/cupcakes!). :)