Saturday, January 29, 2011


Karlee had a game Thursday afternoon.  The team is improving, but we're not winning games.  Near the end of the game Karlee was fouled on a shot so she shot a free throw.  She didn't make it.  :(

Both the boys had games today.  It has been so fun watching Mason play.  This year he has really gotten into the game.  He is eager to play and he often gets rebounds.
Carson is getting better also.  He is eager to run up and down the gym and cheers almost every time a basket is made. 
For Christmas Karlee got a $50 gift card to Half Price Books.  A couple of days ago she remembered about the gift card and so we went after the games today.  She bought all these books and still has over $20 left on her card.  She was tickled.

This afternoon while Karlee and I were browsing through books, Brian took Bailee out driving...on the Interstate.  She was nervous, so was Brian.  Brian said she did fine, Bailee thought it was scary. 

I gave Brian this fire pit for Christmas.  Brian and I tried to use it a week ago, but is was just too cold.  It was about dinner time and Mason asked if we could roast hot dogs.  It was perfect.  The high for the day was it!!  So when the sun went down it was a little chilly and the fire was just enough.  The girls were at a birthday party so the four of us enjoyed dinner outside.  We also roasted marshmallows.  YUM!!


The Texas Bakers said...

You just reminded me to get out there and use our fire pit. What a perfect night for it!

I have a good life said...

That is awesome. I have wanted a I might get one-it looks so cool!