Wednesday, January 5, 2011

two weeks...

and counting.  I don't remember ever spreading a sickness like we have this time.  We really aren't sick people.  Maybe it's not good to spend too much time together.

Carson was sick Tuesday and Wednesday before Christmas.  I was sick on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  We both stayed home from church not wanting to spread it to anyone.  Mason was sick on Tuesday then Brian started feeling sick Wednesday.  He lasted the longest, until Saturday.  Sunday McKinzie lost her voice and didn't want to go to work on Monday, but she still went.  Tuesday Adam woke up with a fever and Kinz stayed home with a sick baby.  Today I have spent the day rocking him.  Every once and a while he will want down and follow Carson or play with a toy.  But a few minutes later he comes back and lets me lift him to my lap.  

I hope he's last.

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The Texas Bakers said...

Seems like cold and flu season has really hit hard this year. Hopefully everyone will have their immunity built up soon!