Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend has been great.  On Saturday both the boys had their first basketball game.  I loved it!! I love watching my kids play sports.  They both did great.  Mason got rebounds, dribbled down the court and made three baskets.  He wanted more playing time.  All of this is huge for him.  His team played great.  They all made baskets and had a great time. 

Carson only had one practice before the game.  For the first couple of minutes both teams struggled with where to run and what to do.  But soon they all caught on and played very well.  By the second half Carson was getting rebounds and even made a basket.  So fun!!

After the games Brian and I went to a new convert Baptism.  It seems like our Ward has a lot of baptism.  Definitely more than any Ward we have been in before.

Karlee spent the day at a SAT prep class. Yes, I meant to say Karlee.  She is involved in a DUKE TIP program that starts them preparing for the SAT test early.  Bailee was also invited when she was in 7th grade, but we didn't understand the value of the program so we didn't sign her up (sometimes we are such slacker parents).  Karlee took the SAT at school a few weeks ago and her score was 1400!!  Karlee was told that the average high school student makes a 1500 on the test.  She will have two SAT prep Saturdays then she will take the test with high school students.  We are all very excited for her.  Go Karlee!!

Bailee has been working on a home study drivers ed course.  I think next week we will be able to go get her permit.  Scary and exciting at the same time.  Maybe more scary.     

Today it snowed!!  Not much, just a dusting, but the flakes during church were huge.  Tonight it's  supposed to be very cold.  If it rains or snows were talking ice.  Tomorrow morning the roads could be scary.  I'm glad I can stay home. 

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