Wednesday, June 30, 2010

three times a charm

Yes, we went to the midnight showing of Eclipse. Wow!! We loved it. Karlee came with us this time. Which she loved. Bailee is still at high adventure so I guess I get to take her next week. Yes, it's worth going again.
Karlee really struggled with the flash...this is as good as it got. I really can't think of any downside to the movie (other than climbing in bed at 3 AM!). It was funny, action packed with many scenes of "steamy" kissing. Jacob was...WOW!! He seemed to have a hard time finding his shirt. I don't think anyone minded one bit. Each movie keeps getting better. We already can't wait for the next one. I'm sure we'll see that one at midnight too. :0)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

unexpected guest

This past week, from Sunday - Friday, K was able to stay with us. Her Mom and brothers went up to Idaho and she was able to stay to go to C4K. Both these girls had soo much fun. They painted nails two or three times, swam, spent money at the gas station, watched movies, played with the boys, stayed up late talking, and loved how grown up they felt going to C4K together.

See, we don't do sleepovers anymore and it is a huge treat when someone stays over, special occasions only. Bailee was a little upset that K was here and she couldn't have a friend stay.
At the end of the school year Karlee had a friend stay the night that had moved a year ago, a special occasion then too. Carson started asking if he had a friend that had moved away that could have a sleepover. :( I do feel bad, just a little bit, that Mason and Carson won't experience sleepovers and have the all night fun with friends that the girls have had. We feel good about this decision. We only wish we had started it sooner... like 10 years sooner.

Friday, June 25, 2010

bobcat badge

Thursday Mason had a pack meeting and he received his Bobcat badge. Yeah!!

Then I got a pin. Soo cool!
All the boys loved archery at day camp so they got to try it again. The boy behind Mason is his friend Ben from school. He's going to join Cub Scouts too. They both are very excited.

We all gave the archery a try. We found out that I'm the hunter. Of the five arrows three of mine hit the board, not necessarily the target. Brian had two arrows that hit and Bailee one. Karlee and K also tried, not so good. We definitely would starve if we had to hunt for our food. Thank goodness we live in these times of electricity and grocery stores. Whew!


Bailee finished her project last night. For dinner she made pot pie. It was her first time making a pie crust. She got very frustrated with it. It tasted great. Even Karlee, who doesn't usually like it, said it was good. For her big finish for dessert she made...
...chocolate covered bacon! Yes I said bacon. We were all concerned about it eating this, except Mason. He told me that he loves chocolate and bacon. So after dinner we all have a stick in hand, then we bite. Not bad. In fact I think most of us liked the white chocolate better. After two, because we had to try both, it was too much. I don't know if we'll have it again. We can say we tried it, and that's something. :0)

Bailee is leaving for her high adventure trip with her venturing crew today. They are going to Virginia. She is soo excited. She doesn't need to be there until 8am. At 7 she was all ready and antsy. I love you Bailee!! Be safe!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Bailee is working on a YW project this week, which is a huge help for me. She is doing the cooking! Breakfast Tuesday - Thursday, and dinner Monday - Thursday. She planned the meals and helped with the shopping. I mentioned to her to make it fun and think about doing a dessert every night. The meals have been regulars for us, but the desserts are new. Tonight she made these Black 'n' White Cheesecake Bars. Super easy and waay yummy!! Since she made breakfast this morning, I decided to wash the Suburban before it got hot. At 8:30 it was already 90 degrees. I think the high for today was 101. HOT!!

I have a friend that I cut and color her hair. Recently I found out that she does massages. I suggested we trade. She agreed!! I just got home from having a back massage. WOW!!! It was great. I now need to hurry off to bed since I'm already half asleep.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

bailee sandwich

We missed you Bailee.

Friday, June 18, 2010

adam crawling

Wednesday he finally got the hang of it.

what a week

This week has been super busy and super fun. Karlee started C4K at TCC on Monday. She is loving every minute of it. Tuesday night we had friends over to swim, very last minute but it was fun for all. Wednesday morning Bailee left for girls camp, she'll be home Saturday. Karlee's friend Becca came over while her brother was at a golf camp. Thursday we had these three girls over, their Mom was at girls camp and Dad of course worked during the day. They had fun swimming, running around the house playing hide and seek/freeze tag and playing all kinds of pretend.
Baylee sat here for such a long time. Trying to fill up the bucket with a little shovel takes a long time.

These girls tied up their legs to be mermaids. They actually swam very well.

Then this morning I got a wild hair and called a friend to play at the park. I picked up donuts and sausage rolls. YUM!! I didn't tell the kids where we were going. I just told them to hurry and get dressed. We are going somewhere fun. They kept trying to guess. They had some really good ideas that would be fun. But they couldn't figure it out. And guess what? WE had fun!!

This evening Brian has been invited up to girls camp for dinner. I get to go too!!

Kinzie is going to have the three little ones over to her house for a sleepover.

This week has been good. Life is good!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

priceless art

This one is not even close to priceless, but it's fun. I found these at a Flying J when we were driving home from San Antonio. They go great in my "Texas" room. Brian couldn't believe I found something in a gas station. I'm always on the look out where ever I go.
Here is the priceless part I was talking about. I have my own little art gallery in my home. The two b/w are from years ago when we lived in Colorado. There were these door to door salesmen that came into both my salon and Brian's office. I bought the one on the left that is a reflection of the Tetons in a lake. Brian bought the rose and gave it to me for Valentines Day that year. He told me now I have a rose that will never die. Awww! I loved it then and I love it now.

The picture on the right is Mason's that I blogged about last month. Kind of amazing that it's on a wall already!! The middle is Karlee's that she did in art class. It's a pastel and quite beautiful.

Bailee was feeling a little left out, so I told her I would put something of hers up if she put thought and time into it. She kind of frowned at the requirements. Brian and I both thought of her crocheting she does. She had barely finished making a few dish clothes from yarn that was Grandma Steel's. We all know the time crocheting takes, and talent. So up it went on the wall. I love how it all turned out.

These two Mason made in class this past year. He wanted them in his room. They're kind of cute. I hope Kinzie and Carson don't feel left out. I figure having a picture of Adam on our wall works...she made him...and babies are about as priceless as they come. :0) Then there's Carson...

He says "never want to forget things" all the time. Just last week at FHE we were passing around a paper for each individual and we would write something down about that person. We were about finished with reading what was on all the papers and Carson said, "Reading these papers makes my heart feel good." He is such a smart little boy. My family...that's what's priceless around here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

twilight camp

What a fun week it has been for Mason and all the cub scouts. This is Mason ready for his first day. On Thursday I volunteered to chaperon. The first station was knots. They are soo hard. I watched and watched to try and help, but I was useless. Luckily the man teaching went around to every scout to help them one on one.
The next station, which I think was Mason's favorite for the day, was making a covered wagon and some chaps for a neckerchief slide.

The third station was calf roping. Half the kids tried to rope a calf while the other half played a golf game. They were the hottest here. All of it was in the sun and it was around 4:30pm. We were all getting very warm.

After dinner we had some entertainment from a local theatre company, the boys loved it.
There were two stations left after dinner. Branding, where Mason made an "M" brand...

then first aid. The boys were given a prescription bottle that had a zip tie through it to attach to their neckerchief slide. They had alcohol, gauze bandage, and neosporin in it. Maybe more, I'm not sure.

These are all the bears and wolves after a long day at camp.

Here are all the boys from our pack that went to camp. Today they still had BB gun shooting to do and then they were going to make a rubber band gun. They were all looking forward to the day with great anticipation.

I know a week long of day camp for the leaders is a lot. I am soo grateful to all the individuals that put this all together and for the sacrifice of their time. Mason has loved every minute of it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Saturday Mason was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Such an exciting day for all of us. I am soo proud of him. He is such a sweet boy. I was surprised at my emotions. During his baptism yesterday and his confirmation today I started to cry. I'm still not sure why. I don't remember that happening to me with my girls. It was very special.

Saturday afternoon we played in the pool again. What can I say...that's what we do all summer long.

Grandma Shuldberg gave Mason these stickers/pictures for his scriptures. He was very excited to put them on the correct verse.

I don't know how many people know this, but my living room is a place where we sit and read books, listen to Karlee practice the piano, or relax. It rarely has lots and lots of toys in it (only Christmas time if the tree is in there). Today these five were playing a very fun game that's a scavenger hunt. There is a limited time to collect particular items around the house, if you find them then you can move forward on the board. By the end of the game this is what you get. A room full of odds and ends. Look close. Imagine my surprise when I walked in there and found this mess. Luckily the last round of the game everything is put back in it's place. Whew!! Thanks Grandma for being soo much fun.

Friday, June 4, 2010

first day of summer

Thursday was a half day of school, and the last day for the year. Mason had his awards ceremony that morning and received a certificate for "A Honor Roll", plus a free ticket for Six Flags for reading 6 hours or more. Our room parent arranged for the kids to have a Happy Meal with their party. We had a fun room parent this year.
Later that day we picked up my Dad from the airport.
This morning we went to the Treasury for the tour. I had been many years ago but had forgotten most of it. They were printing the new design for the $100 note. It's looks pretty cool. Bailee and Adam came with us but Bailee didn't want to be in the picture. Then after lunch we played in the pool. Dad was a great sport letting the kids climb all over him. He was also a pest. Nobody was safe from his water gun...not even if you were holding Adam. :0)

Brian's parents fly in this evening. More fun tomorrow, stay tuned.