Friday, June 4, 2010

first day of summer

Thursday was a half day of school, and the last day for the year. Mason had his awards ceremony that morning and received a certificate for "A Honor Roll", plus a free ticket for Six Flags for reading 6 hours or more. Our room parent arranged for the kids to have a Happy Meal with their party. We had a fun room parent this year.
Later that day we picked up my Dad from the airport.
This morning we went to the Treasury for the tour. I had been many years ago but had forgotten most of it. They were printing the new design for the $100 note. It's looks pretty cool. Bailee and Adam came with us but Bailee didn't want to be in the picture. Then after lunch we played in the pool. Dad was a great sport letting the kids climb all over him. He was also a pest. Nobody was safe from his water gun...not even if you were holding Adam. :0)

Brian's parents fly in this evening. More fun tomorrow, stay tuned.


Natalie said...

I'm so glad you can enjoy having your Dad there.

Spudknit said...

No fair taking him to the treasury. Now there is no doubt you will be his favorite. :) I asked him last week if he was going to pack his swim trunks and he smiled and said, "Absolutely!" I'm glad you can have fun together and the kids can play with him. I bet in the water he can rough house as much as he wants and not worry about his gimp leg. I hope you have a great time and tell Mason congratulations on his baptism for me please.