Friday, June 25, 2010


Bailee finished her project last night. For dinner she made pot pie. It was her first time making a pie crust. She got very frustrated with it. It tasted great. Even Karlee, who doesn't usually like it, said it was good. For her big finish for dessert she made...
...chocolate covered bacon! Yes I said bacon. We were all concerned about it eating this, except Mason. He told me that he loves chocolate and bacon. So after dinner we all have a stick in hand, then we bite. Not bad. In fact I think most of us liked the white chocolate better. After two, because we had to try both, it was too much. I don't know if we'll have it again. We can say we tried it, and that's something. :0)

Bailee is leaving for her high adventure trip with her venturing crew today. They are going to Virginia. She is soo excited. She doesn't need to be there until 8am. At 7 she was all ready and antsy. I love you Bailee!! Be safe!

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Selita & Craig said...

Chocolate covered bacon? Even I am not brave enough to try that :)