Tuesday, June 29, 2010

unexpected guest

This past week, from Sunday - Friday, K was able to stay with us. Her Mom and brothers went up to Idaho and she was able to stay to go to C4K. Both these girls had soo much fun. They painted nails two or three times, swam, spent money at the gas station, watched movies, played with the boys, stayed up late talking, and loved how grown up they felt going to C4K together.

See, we don't do sleepovers anymore and it is a huge treat when someone stays over, special occasions only. Bailee was a little upset that K was here and she couldn't have a friend stay.
At the end of the school year Karlee had a friend stay the night that had moved a year ago, a special occasion then too. Carson started asking if he had a friend that had moved away that could have a sleepover. :( I do feel bad, just a little bit, that Mason and Carson won't experience sleepovers and have the all night fun with friends that the girls have had. We feel good about this decision. We only wish we had started it sooner... like 10 years sooner.

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I have a good life said...

Thank you for keeping K! She had so much fun and I had so much peace of mind while dealing with the emotions of my grandma and her trip. We no longer do sleepovers either, so it was a special treat for K also. I am glad that she and Karlee had that bonding time. It is good for K and she told me that she talked a lot with Karlee about things that she hasn't felt comfortable sharing with anyone else.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.