Tuesday, June 15, 2010

priceless art

This one is not even close to priceless, but it's fun. I found these at a Flying J when we were driving home from San Antonio. They go great in my "Texas" room. Brian couldn't believe I found something in a gas station. I'm always on the look out where ever I go.
Here is the priceless part I was talking about. I have my own little art gallery in my home. The two b/w are from years ago when we lived in Colorado. There were these door to door salesmen that came into both my salon and Brian's office. I bought the one on the left that is a reflection of the Tetons in a lake. Brian bought the rose and gave it to me for Valentines Day that year. He told me now I have a rose that will never die. Awww! I loved it then and I love it now.

The picture on the right is Mason's that I blogged about last month. Kind of amazing that it's on a wall already!! The middle is Karlee's that she did in art class. It's a pastel and quite beautiful.

Bailee was feeling a little left out, so I told her I would put something of hers up if she put thought and time into it. She kind of frowned at the requirements. Brian and I both thought of her crocheting she does. She had barely finished making a few dish clothes from yarn that was Grandma Steel's. We all know the time crocheting takes, and talent. So up it went on the wall. I love how it all turned out.

These two Mason made in class this past year. He wanted them in his room. They're kind of cute. I hope Kinzie and Carson don't feel left out. I figure having a picture of Adam on our wall works...she made him...and babies are about as priceless as they come. :0) Then there's Carson...

He says "never want to forget things" all the time. Just last week at FHE we were passing around a paper for each individual and we would write something down about that person. We were about finished with reading what was on all the papers and Carson said, "Reading these papers makes my heart feel good." He is such a smart little boy. My family...that's what's priceless around here.


Jay said...

Priceless is right! I loved looking at the art and how everyone is represented somehow or another. Good FHE idea too! Thanks!

Selita & Craig said...

And might I say though pricless they are, they are also pretty wonderful. I am thankful for the times I was able to meet them and see them.

I have a good life said...

Definitely priceless! :) What a great post!

Also priceless: Good friends. My kids can't stop talking about how much fun we had last night. I love how we all match up so well. Poor Bailee is left out, though. :(