Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Bailee is working on a YW project this week, which is a huge help for me. She is doing the cooking! Breakfast Tuesday - Thursday, and dinner Monday - Thursday. She planned the meals and helped with the shopping. I mentioned to her to make it fun and think about doing a dessert every night. The meals have been regulars for us, but the desserts are new. Tonight she made these Black 'n' White Cheesecake Bars. Super easy and waay yummy!! Since she made breakfast this morning, I decided to wash the Suburban before it got hot. At 8:30 it was already 90 degrees. I think the high for today was 101. HOT!!

I have a friend that I cut and color her hair. Recently I found out that she does massages. I suggested we trade. She agreed!! I just got home from having a back massage. WOW!!! It was great. I now need to hurry off to bed since I'm already half asleep.


Natalie said...

How nice to have your own private cook. :)
Awesome that you can get a massage. That feels soooo good.

nikko said...

Wow! It is so hot there!

Yay for massages... enjoy!

Alexander the Not-so-Great said...

Maybe if I learn to cut and color hair, your friend will give me massages also :-P

Anne said...

That's so cool to have a child old enough that you trust to cook- CANT WAIT!! haha
And yes, it's WAY TOO HOT HERE!!! Pool's are the only way we survive :(

I'm so glad you are just as excited about the trade as I am!!