Saturday, October 16, 2010

state fair

We haven't been to the state fair with our kids in years. So this year we got a wild hair and took them out of school on Thursday. They were shocked that we were going. As soon as we got there they found these cool trucks and had to take them for a spin. :)

We had never tried this "hands on farm" and the boys really wanted to check it out. Carson kept asking to go back through out the rest of the day.

While we were "farming" these other two had to keep themselves occupied...with food.

One of my favorites is the petting zoo. It's always packed with people.

On our way to see the horses we came across the Pee-Wee Stampede. We signed up Carson for his own stick horse. It was great. They all got a ribbon, and he got a trophy for "winning" the bucking bronco riding. I hope I can upload the video to show everyone.

After his event, he became a rodeo clown. Could they have picked anyone better!?! Talk about being in the right place and the right time. It was great!!

We also tried out the "backyard circus" for the first time. Can you pick out our boys?

I didn't notice until I was editing my pics that these boots also have the yellow rose of Texas. :-)

We did lots of first at at the fair this year. We watched a bird show that was amazing. I was gratefully surprised that I got a few pics that turned out pretty good.

Then we were off to the pig races. This pig weighed about a 500 hundred pounds. These men were having a difficult time making sure this pig went where she was suppose to.

We even saw flying pigs. The actually jumped over this board while they were racing.

This fun house was the kids favorite. Especially the boys.
It was a great day!!! Beautiful weather, great food, and a relaxing environment. I'm sure we'll go again.


Jay said...

I've never been to a State Fair. You look like you had so much fun that we have to try it some time now!

Selita & Craig said...

Our Car club has a display at the fair every year.....our cars are in the corrals at the end of the auto buildings.....our Saturday was the only day of the entire fair that it rained! But we always have a good time!