Tuesday, August 31, 2010

museum with friends

My friend has a membership to our local museum. She invited us to go play. It was great. I hadn't been since it had been rebuilt. It was different, yet exactly the same. Still super fun. grocery shopping

boat races...sort of
Cute doctors...at one point Carson and Trinity said all the babies had fevers and needed medicine. Here is Carson giving this baby medicine.
There was a super cool room with only one size of wood blocks. The picture below was what was standing in the room. Very intimidating. Luckily they had maps/pictures to help us build.

Trinity asked Ruth to build this butterfly. Impressive!

Carson and I made furniture. He built the table and I made the couch. Still cool!

This is the last day to focus on only Carson before he starts preschool. He is soo much fun!!

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