Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Over the weekend Kinzie asked if I had done something (I don't remember exactly what it was). I told her no and she was surprised and asked what I had done all week because I didn't watch Adam either. So I thought about that and realized that I had friends here all week.

Monday Phoebe was here in the morning. Benjamin and Amanda were here in the afternoon. Tuesday was Ortho and errands. Wednesday we had the Nichols. Thursday the Norlems. Monday we had Isabella and Nicole. Tuesday Micah, then Wednesday (today) we had Isabella, Nichole, and Micah here most of the day. Plus Adam all this week. We have all had fun. We are all tired and looking forward to tomorrow and the only extra is Adam. Friends are fun, but just family is kind of nice too. This morning at breakfast.
After breakfast we invited more friends over and ended up swimming in the rain. I just became the coolest mom ever!! No thunder or lightening so we swam until we couldn't see, the rain was coming down too hard.

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