Sunday, August 8, 2010

Steel Reunion ~ Wednesdsay

Wednesday morning Grandpa set off the candy cannon on the beach.
This time when it went off it didn't go very far. Tanya is going to beat all the kids.

Even though some were a little charred, the kids didn't mind.

Today's events were kind of on your own. Although, everyone wanted to go whale watching so we went as a group. (No we didn't see any whales. It was still worth it.) Since we were so large it was just our family on the boat. Beth decided to stay on land. She doesn't like boats.

As we headed out we hit a few big waves. It was like a ride at an amusement park.

Blake, Carson sitting on Mckenna, Waynette, Alison, Karlee, Aarin holding Riley, and Mason on the floor. We were cold, we didn't mind sitting close.

Shortly after heading out I started feeling sick. I couldn't believe I was sick. I've been on many boats and have always been fine. Yes, even in the ocean. The only consolation is that I wasn't the first to vomit (yes...I was that sick). Noelle was first, she even lost it a couple of times. Now I will always take Dramamine before going out on a boat. It was awful.

Afterwards, Aarin's family went with us to see a working lighthouse.

The tiny bulb on the right is the one in use. It is a 120 watt bulb. The large one is the back up. Surprising.

These little birds are a type of a penguin that can fly. They are tiny and very cute. But they make a mess. They have turned this rock white.

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