Tuesday, August 6, 2013

progreso port

Our first port was Progreso, Mexico.  It was a very warm morning.  Bailee is resting while we wait for our tour to some Mayan ruins begins.

After a quick tour of a few ruins Bailee and I went for a swim with minnows. The pool was very refreshing. 

Bailee was the only one doing back flips off the rocks.  LOL



 After our tour we went to the beach to find something to eat.  The food was delicious!  But we got tired of all the people trying to sell things.  They were selling cookies and treats to movies that weren't even out on DVD yet to checking your blood pressure.  Odd...

 I thought this picture above looked fake...but cool.

 Some of the best chicken fajita tacos I've ever had.  Soo good!!


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