Saturday, August 24, 2013

home sweet home

While we were in Idaho I decided to run past my parents old house.  My in-laws live about 2 miles away.  Plus I hadn't seen the place since the funeral. Then last minute Karlee wanted to run with me.  I wanted to go visit alone.  Then she said she would only run a mile with me then head back.  :)
The clouds were directing me straight to their home.  The morning was beautiful! As I got to the corner by their house I just walked so I could take a few pictures. It looked exactly the same!  There was even a white truck parked out front, just like Dad's. 

It was comforting to see their garden growing in the exact same place. 

The run was beautiful! The air cool and refreshing.  It made me miss living in Idaho...and my parents.

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