Monday, August 26, 2013

first day of school

I still can't believe my baby started 2nd grade today.  He was very nervous.  His teacher is Mrs. Alsup.  She seems very nice.  There are a couple of kids in his class that he already knew.  I'm sure that helped him to settle in.  
 Mason started middle school today, 6th grade.  He was the most nervous for this day.  I walked him in and helped him get his schedule.  We looked over his schedule together to help him make sense then off he went to class.  I'm been thinking about him all day.

 Karlee was very excited!! She looked great as always.  She's eager for her birthday next week and  has high hopes to start drivers ed.  I hope this year will be great for her.  She has huge expectations.
Bailee is home with me.  She's working part time and...that's it.  She's planning on going to BYU-I in January.  She'll have a blast at college and having roommates.  It'll be such a great experience for her.

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