Saturday, August 3, 2013

more of June

This is Harley's first time enjoying the pool.  The pool water had finally warmed up enough that she didn't freeze. 
 I took the boys to nhr20 while the girls were at EFY.  Can you find them?  They're not next to each other if that helps.  :)

 Carson using his imagination on our drive home from Uvalde, Texas.
 This is the largest, coolest, cleanest convenience store we have ever been to.  It's now my favorite. Buckees near San Antonio.
 On our drive to Uvalde we drove past fields of sunflowers.  On the way home I tried to get a picture but I got their backs instead.  I should have asked Brian to stop on the way down to get a picture of their fronts.  It was impressive.
The day before I left for girls camp I bought a flat and a half of raspberries.  Needless to say I was busy making freezer jam that night.  McKinzie made her first batch that night too.  When we were living in Colorado I would snag a bottle of my moms whenever we visited to take home and enjoy.  It's been too long since I've had homemade raspberry freezer jam.  YUM!!

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