Tuesday, August 27, 2013

last ward swim...ever

The Friday before school started we held a Ward Swim.  We had over 35 people in the pool!  Two weeks ago only two families came.  Big difference.  Everyone had a great time.  Even Bailee got in the pool with us. 
This will be our last ward swim though.  We are moving to Chicago. Brian starts with a new company tomorrow.  We all have mixed emotions about the move.  The more we think about it the more excited we become.  Except Carson, he really doesn't want to move.    

 We are going to miss these two cuties the most!!! Thankfully McKinzie has already found the half way point for us to meet.  Adam is going to be so upset about us moving.  I have truly loved our Fridays together. 

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Lana said...

oh wow! what a big change