Friday, March 1, 2013

travel excitement

I remember last year when Bailee went on her trip to Paris and Barcelona, a family of three had cute homemade pillows for travel.  I thought that was such a neat idea.  At the time I was NOT sewing.  So that nice feeling was stored away.  THEN when I bought this amazing sewing machine my mind starting going crazy with ideas. 
As our trip got closer and closer I remembered that nice feeling and wanted to do something extra special.  So began the hunt for some kind of travel fabric.  To my surprise there wasn't much selection. :( Although, before I found the fabric I found this travel embroidery design and knew that I would put it on Bailee's pillow.  All would be well.  (I also found other travel designs that I'm sure I'll use later.  LOVE my machine!!)  Bailee's pillow has the design, mine is the pieced top, while Brian's is a simple sham.  I think they fit our personalities.

 All the backs have the same fabric but personalized.  Mine and Brian's have stitching that reads, London  Paris  Hong Kong  Xian  Beijing  Rome  Athens.  Bailee's pillow reads, Toronto  Niagara Falls  Paris  Barcelona  Rome  Athens.

I hope all of us can continue adding to the list of our travels.
Gretchen explained to me how to do a french seam, to give the sham more strength.  The rest I estimated on, had faith, then jumped in with both feet.  I'm very pleased at how they turned out.
NINE more days!!!

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