Friday, March 22, 2013

a new friend

The day we got home from our trip our exchange student arrived.  Her name is Paula and she is from Germany.  She is very sweet and super quiet.  I'm sure we scare her.  With this program Karlee will go to her house in June of 2014.  This is a picture of Paula's first day at a Texas school.  (It was taken after school.  I forgot before school.) 
Wednesday morning I made German Pancakes for breakfast.  They are mostly eggs and and they puff up as they bake.  Brian asked Paula if they looked familiar and told her the name.  She laughed and had never had them before.  After school, that same day, she told me she would make real German Pancakes for us in the morning.    
They were huge, first of all, a little sweeter too.  We sprinkled a generous amount of sugar and Cinnamon over the top and dug in.  They were very good.  She called them funnel __________, the second name was very German I can't even pretend to spell it. (I think it means cake.)  I asked her for the recipe.  I hope to make it sometime.

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Karlee said...

Funnel kuchen (yes it means cake)