Friday, March 1, 2013


I get to spend my Friday's with these two.  It's been a joy.  Adam has discovered Play-Doh and I've learned ours have turned hard.  We did find one container still soft and he went crazy making cookies and using his utility knife.  Bailee is the one that started us in Play-Doh.  All these tools are when she turned 4 or 5.  Over the years I've bought more Play-Doh.  Carson has also been a lover of rolling and cutting.  The other three would play along but rarely was it their idea to pull out the bucket.  Note to self.  Buy more Play-Doh.

Another fun that Adam and I do on Friday's is make cookies.  He loves the whole process.  Today he tasted the brown sugar and LOVED it.  He kept trying to take it out of the bowl.  I told him it's good on oatmeal too.  I'm sure he'll ask for some brown sugar the next time he has oatmeal.

I can't believe how big Harley it getting.  I'm thinking of calling her something else.  (I'm so very tired of when I'm talking about her the family thinks I'm saying Karlee.)  She's 2 1/2 months old.  She smiles quickly and her Daddy gets her laughing often.  It's very cute.  She's more like a McRae than a Shuldberg.  That's new for me.  All these kids around here, as babies, looked like Shuldberg's, even Adam.  It's a true pleasure having grandkids.  I hope all our kids live close enough that I can be a regular in their lives. 

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