Sunday, December 9, 2012

jingle bell jog

Saturday our school sponsored a 5K and 1 mile fun run.  When we first heard about it Mason wanted to do the 5K with me.  About a week later at football practice he had to run to a fence and back.  Afterwards he told me he couldn't run the 5K with me.  He barely was able to run a short distance at practice.  I'm glad he wised up. 
These boys were super excited for the race.  I had my 5K first.  My time was OK, 31.46.4  The boys were nervous and wanted me to run with them.  Mason was with 5th graders and Carson and I were with the 1st graders.  When they blew the horn they both took off.  Carson was darting and squeezing past people in places I could not follow.  They both ran the entire mile.  I never caught up to them.  

 In this picture you can see me behind Carson.  This was the closest I got.  Brian totally missed Mason at the finish line.  So I asked Mason to go back a little ways to Brian could get a picture.  Mason is grinning way too much.  So the idea worked but he really wasn't enjoying it this much. :)

This is how they really felt after the race.  Today Mason's legs are stiff.  I think they'll run with me again.  We had fun.  When I get their times I'll post again.

Carson's time was 10:08.8
Mason's time was 9:22.2

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