Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

The kids let us sleep in till 6:30.  Not too bad.

 Adam was so much fun this year.  Every time he opened a gift he would yell, "Yahoo, yahoo! That's what I wanted! I love it!" When he opened a gift for Harley he danced around yelling, "Harley got a shirt! Harley got a shirt!"

 I love being able to catch their excitement.

I worked on this denim blanket for weeks for McKinzie and Geoff.  Once I finished cutting all the edges my right thumb was numb for 1 1/2 days.  I think it's kinda cool that it's made only from Brian's jeans.  I have a denim quilt made out of my dads jeans and I love it.
 I had a friend of ours build a workbench for Brian.  It folds down so I can still park in the garage. ;)

 All night long we had thunderstorms go through.  By the end of Christmas day we had snow.  The kids loved it!  It was soo cold though. 

 13 days old.  She has many ruffled bottoms. Too cute!!
We also received a hot cocoa maker for Christmas.  Karlee made hot cocoa all day.  She's definitely the one we ask now when we want hot cocoa. 

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