Monday, December 17, 2012

full weekend

We had a crazy, super full weekend.  Friday evening we had our Ward Christmas Party.  The primary children dressed up as anyone they chose in the nativity (Carson chose Joseph), or holiday wear (Mason is the only one in a Santa hat) and they sang a few songs.  It was nice.  Mason really didn't want to be a part of the program.  He really confuses me sometimes.  He still sang every song.  

 Saturday the boys had their last football game.  Carson had a doubleheader.  Then Mason had a tournament. Mason caught the winning touchdown in his first game.  It has been soo fun to watch him grow in this sport.  They lost their second game to a team that wasn't following the rules.  It seemed that with every flag pull our players ended up on the ground.  They should have signed up for tackle football instead.

The team party was that evening at Cici's.  This man coached both of the boys' teams.  He was a great coach.  We'll be requesting him again. 

After the party we went downtown to visit Santa.  This year he was only available on the weekends. 

 I love this picture!  The bokeh lights were a bonus. :)  Harley is three days old here. 

In the past, we would go to a movie, out to eat, and visit Santa all in the same evening.  Since Santa was on Saturday, tonight we went to a movie and dinner.  I ended up getting Bailee and Karlee out of school early so we wouldn't be out too late.  (Brian and I are such "cool" parents these days.)  There aren't enough days before Christmas to get all of our traditions in this year.  We're doing all we can to keep the fun in our crazy lives.

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