Thursday, November 15, 2012

turkey day...almost

Today there was a Thanksgiving Feast at school.  So of course I went.  :)  I sat with Carson during his lunch time and actually ate with Mason.  Luckily there were only 10 minutes between lunches.  Which is a shock considering it's first and fifth grade. 
A friend took a picture of us in the cafeteria.  I forgot about the windows and it turned out too dark.  

 So I took another picture in the hall on the way to class.  Such silly boys!  Matthew is over my left shoulder while Justin is peeking between us.  This is a very fun class.  I'm able to help out in class every week.  I love these kids!
I still can't believe that this is Mason's last year in elementary school.  He is getting so big, and he's so very smart.
Now the count down to the real feast!  I better get started making my lists.  

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