Tuesday, November 27, 2012

thanksgiving week

For Thanksgiving we went to Oklahoma...again!  This year confirmed that we'll do this every year if at all possible.  We had a great cabin, one of our favorites.  The leaves never disappoint.  On Thanksgiving day I actually sat on the deck, listening to Christmas music, and watched the leaves fall.  The kids came out and sang some songs with me and then ran around.  

The boys had their bed (lower) in the same room as the pool table.  They thought it was great!

There was teather ball, horse shoes, sand box, swings, a game similar to horse shoes but used washers, bean bag toss, water guns, frisbees, two grills, hot tub, feeding stations for racoons and squirrels and the list goes on and on.
This is what started us coming to Oklahoma, ATV riding.  This year we rode the least amount.  Wednesday we rode for less than two hours when we decided to stop and stretch a little.  When Brian got back on his ATV it wouldn't shift gears.  Luckily we were on a main rode.  The boys and I stayed back and did a little hiking and log distruction while Brian and the girls rode back to the truck. We're hoping it's not a major cost.  We're holding our breath. :-/

The boys loved raking the leaves.  I'm confident if I had asked them to rake they wouldn't have been so excited. 

Karlee helped us make the rolls this year. 

I decided to use my tripod and get a few pics on Thanksgiving Day.  Then Carson couldn't resist the temptation any longer.  He had to start posing.

Brian was told that there were more off road trails at Honobia Creek.  About a 45 minute ride later we found nothing.  We were discouraged.  Then we came across this creek.  This kids loved it!  So did Brian and I. Everyone threw rocks trying to get someone wet. :)  The boys explored.  We ate lunch.  They explored some more while I took lots of pics.  Brian and I talked about leaving before someone got wet.  Well, the boys got wet before we could leave.  Not totally surprised.

Another successful vacation.  The only thing that would have made it better is if McKinzie and Geoff were able to be with us.  They spent Thanksgiving with Geoff's Dad.  Sometimes it's hard to share.  But next year they should be with us.  Woot! Woot!


nikko said...

Every year you post about your cabin in the woods, and every year I swear we're going to do it. ;o) Looks so fun and so amazing!

Jay said...

I agree with Nikko. Looks so fun and wonderful! I think Bailey might be a little taller than you! I've been passed by B myself!

Kathy said...

We went camping also, but we left the day after thanksgiving! Looks like yall had fun. We went to Tyler State Park. Loved the fall leaves, so beautiful!