Thursday, July 26, 2012

six flags

 Tuesday the kids and I went on our annual adventure to Six Flags.  These last few years our first ride has been Aquaman.  I always forget how wet we get on that ride.  The boys rode it a second time then stood on the bridge to get even more wet.  The boys loved it!  We then went over to Looney Tunes and found out that Mason is too big for the rides.  It's sad that my kids are growing up so quick. 
Carson rode a lot of big rides.  The boys rode Judge Roy Scream twice.  It was Carson's first time riding a big roller coaster.  After lunch all of us rode The Texas Giant.  A first for the boys and myself.  We were all nervous.  Mason loved it.  Carson cried when he realized it was all over.  Poor guy.  While we were waiting in line Bailee bet Carson $5 that he would like it.  This morning she paid him.  :)

Mason even rode Superman!  That's my favorite ride.  He loved it!!  I never thought he would love amusement parks like he does.  The bobsled was near the end of the day.  I think Bailee has been to Six Flags too many times.  She knows when to pose for the camera.  :D

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