Wednesday, July 11, 2012

mini trip

Monday I dropped these girls off at EFY in San Antonio.  They were all excited.  It was Karlee's first year, and Lexi's first year staying in a dorm.  Bailee had been excited about going for weeks.  Her room ended up being on the first floor.  That made her stairs!

 Mason thought the closets were cool.  ;)

This is Bailee's roommate Emma.  She's from our Stake.  We invited her to get some lunch before they had to get ready to meet everyone else. 

Normally the boys stay home when I drive down to EFY.  With both my sitters gone I had to think of another plan. Once I did, I figured the girls would be jealous.   We went to Schlitterbahn!  A huge, amazing water park.

 We had so much fun.  We went Monday afternoon then again on Tuesday.  We wanted to stay longer but we still had to drive home.

This picture was taken just before our first ride.  So FUN!!!

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