Saturday, July 14, 2012

a good day

Today has been a great day!  The boys and I slept in till 8, that's all that's home.  I went out and mowed the yard.  Yes, it was already extremely hot. Came in and made scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.  Since Karlee wasn't here we had cheese in our eggs.  They never tasted so good!  While the boys worked on chores, I cleaned and sliced peaches to go in the freezer. 

A GM of Brian's gave us a 1/2 bushel of the best "Parker County Peaches".  Since Friday I've had a peach before every meal, for snacks, and before bed.  Then today after I put 20 cups of sliced peaches in the freezer, which I snacked on the entire time, I had a bowl of peaches and cream. YUM!  I still have more peaches.  In between the peaches I worked on McKinzie's birthday gift.  It turned out great!  She won't be here for her birthday so now I have to wait even longer to give it to her.

While slicing peaches the girls came home from EFY.  They didn't stop talking to me for an hour and a half.  No joke!  They both had a great time and already can't wait till next year to go again.  Finally when I was finished with peaches, to think I almost made cinnamon rolls today too, Bailee made dinner while I washed my car.  It really needed a bath after our trip to San Antonio. 

Dinner is cleaned up.  The boys are bathed and watching a movie.  Bailee is about to leave for a Stake Dance.  Karlee finally figured out what she's going to wear to church tomorrow.  So now Karlee and I can watch a movie together.  "Hop" and "Big Miracle".  Can you guess which one I chose? ;)

Brian is in Denver with his brothers at a Rockies game.  I think their seats are in the sixth row.  I'm sure their having a great time.  It's been a good day for everyone!

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