Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saturday ~ Beach

We spent another day at the beach.  This is all we did ALL weekend.  It was great!

 The picture above was taken with my phone.  Most pictures turned out all washed out because of the white sand. 

Once Carson saw the girls with their built in chairs he asked for one.  He often gets what ever he asks for. ;)

 There was a chance of rain every day.  Saturday it rained.  We were going to grill hot dogs on the beach but with the rain we moved over to the parking garage.  Luckily our condo had some grass we hung out on and ate our lunch until it blew over.

btw ~ Brian cooks the best marshmallows!
Mason has never really tried smores.  He would always eat them separately.  He tried them on this trip and ate 4!  He loved them!

 Karlee is about to lose her marshmallow. Such a great face. 

 After lunch the waves were better from the storm.  The kids, especially the boys, loved it.

 Bailee was itching to run through all the birds.  So I told her to do it.  Then she decided to try and feed them.  She got too antsy when they got close. 

Friday night we ate at Jake's.  It was super yummy and everyone was happy.  (That is rare when we eat out.)  Saturday we ate at Franco's.  Again success!  Two new places and the whole family loved it!

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