Sunday, March 18, 2012

spring break

This past week has been busy and lazy.  We've been able to sleep in and play hard most of the week.
Monday we stayed home and the boys played with friends. It was a beautiful day for hanging out outside.  For FHE we went over to a friends house and helped put together hygiene kids for families in Indiana that was hit by the recent tornadoes.  We had 37 kits when we finished.  We had the kids put them together.  I hope they understood just a little of what we were doing.

Monday night both boys ended up having a sleepover with friends, Brian was out of town on business, so Karlee and I went to the late movie.  We saw This Means War.  I had seen it already but we both loved it, again.
Tuesday we met friends at the park and had a picnic lunch.

That afternoon we went to the downtown library.  A first for Karlee.  Carson loves all the dress up. :)

Wednesday the four of us went to Medieval Times.  Carson had never been and I think Mason was maybe 4.  We ate Dragons Blood Soup (tomato bisque), Dragon Scales (bread), Baby Dragons (roasted chicken), Dragon Ribs (spare ribs), and Dragon Toes (potato wedges), plus an apple turnover.  :)

The boys were able to take part in a Knights training.

They were also Knighted!!

Thursday the boys and I went on a bike ride at the park.  Mason was able to pass off two more achievements for scouts from our bike ride.  Now he's earned an arrow.

Of course we stayed and played for a bit at the park.

Friday we stayed home and played with Adam.  Went to the park, fed ducks, and played outside.

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