Sunday, March 11, 2012

past week

This past week really has been crazy with running kids around.  Monday was Karlee's first track meet (documented).
Tuesday was a Fine Arts Open House at Karlee's school.  First the band performed, I surprisingly miss my kids not being in band.  :(  Choir performed, boys then girls.  It was the same songs that I heard at Pre-UIL. 

Then the theatre preformed only two scenes of their play.  We will be able to see the entire play on the 20th.  Karlee did a great job.   

I agreed to help out on Wednesday after school with Activity Days, so then I had a challenge getting Carson to soccer practice.  Luckily a friend offered to go and sit with him during practice.  Friends are great!  That evening the girls and I went to camp kick off while the boys went with Brian to church.   

Thursday I dropped Bailee off for her trip (documented). That evening was Karlee's UIL concert. They received a 1 on their songs and a 1 on sight reading. I wasn't able to attend due to other events.  The boys had a Art Fair at their school.  Their art projects looked great.  I'll get them after spring break then I'll scan them in to share.  Also that night, this school often over schedules, was their open house.

The fourth graders had the students share the information.  I loved it.  Mason had a list of things that he was supposed to share.  It was great.  He's a smartie!
The Kindergartner's had a nursery.  :)  These are rice babies.  We were asked to send in the weight of rice that they were as newborns.  Carson was 9 lbs 3 ozs.  Compared to these babies he's kind of a chunk!
He then had a book he wrote to share about himself and his rice baby.  He's baby's name it Carson Jr.
He's such a proud Daddy!

Friday was mine and Brian's anniversary.  22 years! Time is sure flying by.  When we went through my parents home after Dad's funeral I found some napkins from our wedding reception in Mom's china hutch.  Do couples do this anymore?

Saturday we picked up our new furniture for our living room.  That room is extremely full now, but I love it.  I now need to decide on paint and some new curtains.  That afternoon we took the kids to The Lorax.  Spring break has started and we need to do some fun things so that was our start.  :)

I've heard from Bailee a few times these last few days.  She's having a great time of course.  We miss her.  It's strange not having her around.  They have one more day in Paris then off to Barcelona.   

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