Monday, March 5, 2012

karlee's first track meet

You know, I had a mom tell me that her daughter ran cross country one year so she could have the shoes.  I can see myself doing that.  I think Karlee's shoes are very cute!  When we went to buy them, I almost bought me another pair of running shoes.  It was hard to walk away with only a pair for Karlee.  :)

Karlee thought about doing track last year instead of spring tennis.  She ended up breaking her arm and she did neither.  This year she decided to do track with her friend Debra.  A week into practice, new shoes, and Debra broke her arm.  :( 

I'm glad Karlee decided to stay with it.  She ran the 100 hurdles today.  She really hasn't had very many days to practice because of schedule conflicts.  

I think she did great!  I'm not sure what she placed.  All I know is she didn't hit the hurdles.  She didn't come in last.  :)

Way to go Karlee!!