Saturday, March 17, 2012

green is good

Brian and the girls left at 5:15 AM for the temple.  So it was just the boys for breakfast. They were a little surprised to have green eggs.  They both kept asking if it was the same?  Only it was green?  Once they tried it they loved it of course.  They both ended up adding food coloring to their drinks.  Carson had OJ and Mason milk. :)   

 This evening I made some super yummy cookies that I found of Pinterest. Another success!

They taste a lot like Girl Scout Thin Mints.  Super yummy and super rich.  If you make them half the ganache recipe.  I have plenty left over. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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Dalton Family said...

Your cookies came out so much better than mine. I couldn't get the chocolate on top to look right so finally I just added another on top instead. Still really good but they are so rich!