Friday, March 22, 2013

a new friend

The day we got home from our trip our exchange student arrived.  Her name is Paula and she is from Germany.  She is very sweet and super quiet.  I'm sure we scare her.  With this program Karlee will go to her house in June of 2014.  This is a picture of Paula's first day at a Texas school.  (It was taken after school.  I forgot before school.) 
Wednesday morning I made German Pancakes for breakfast.  They are mostly eggs and and they puff up as they bake.  Brian asked Paula if they looked familiar and told her the name.  She laughed and had never had them before.  After school, that same day, she told me she would make real German Pancakes for us in the morning.    
They were huge, first of all, a little sweeter too.  We sprinkled a generous amount of sugar and Cinnamon over the top and dug in.  They were very good.  She called them funnel __________, the second name was very German I can't even pretend to spell it. (I think it means cake.)  I asked her for the recipe.  I hope to make it sometime.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

birthday wishes

This was taken in Vatican City.  We just had a group photo taken and for some reason Brian decided to be in the front row on his knees. I guess he was tired of not being seen. :0)  So I was making a little fun of him, he had a hard time getting up. 

I guess his age is starting to show.  Today is his 45th birthday. Happy birthday Bri!!!  I hope you know how much I love you. 

It's going to a regular day.  He's at work, but we do have a lunch date planned.  Home cooked dinner, probably lasagna (one of his favs), and death by chocolate cake!  I think that might be every ones fav.

Happy birthday!  I love you!!  Always and forever!

23 years

The 9th was also our anniversary, 23 years!! It just happened to be the start of an amazing trip.  We went to Rome and Athens on a school trip with Bailee and other students from her high school.  Pictures to come. ;-)

first game

On the 9th, Carson had his first soccer game.  It was so much fun to watch despite the drizzly, dreary weather.  We won, which really made Carson's day.  The kids are really understanding the game, passing the ball and making smart plays. His next game is this weekend. 

third but first meet

I have a lot of catch to do.  On Thursday, the 7th, Karlee had her third track meet, my first to attend.  This year she is running the 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles.  She was very nervous do run the 300, it was her first time. (Literally! Not even at practice.)  I think she does better on the 300.  With the hurdles not being as close she doesn't count her steps quite so much.  Karlee has mentioned on running a 5K with me.  I'm excited! The boys have done 1 mile runs with me now Karlee running a 5K.  I'm still working on the big girls.  :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

tuesday's race

Tuesday nights schedule was CRAZY!  Carson had soccer practice from 6-7.  He also had a first grade class musical from 6:15-7.  And Mason had pack meeting from 6:30-7:30. 
Brian was out of town and Bailee had to work.  So it was up to me to figure this out.  Luckily Carson's coach cancelled practice since his son is also a first grader (bottom right corner).
I asked Geoff to take Mason with him to pack meeting, since it's his calling now.  I took Carson to school then tried to hurry to pack meeting since that's my calling too.  I don't go just because I'm a mom of a cub scout. 
I made it too both...sort of.  I missed Mason doing his magic trick.  But that's OK.  I watched him practice it at home.  And I wasn't able to make it in time for him to receive his awards.  Although, Karlee did take a picture for me. ;0)

Carson's grade sang 5 or 6 songs.  This song was an Italian song about pasta.  I loved the mustaches!

 Mason earned a belt loop for flag football, basketball, and roller skating.  He also earned a pin for basketball and communicator.  He's super close to earning his Webelos patch.  Maybe next pack meeting.

swimming already?

Monday was a beautiful day.  High of 88 degrees.  Carson has been asking off and on these last few weeks if he could go swimming.  The weather was never over 70 so I always told him no. 

 This time I said that's fine but the water will be cold.  He didn't care.  When I finally checked the water, the temp was 56.  Super cold!  Carson jumped in first.  When he climbed out he came running looking for a towel.  He kept repeating, "It burns!!" 
 Of course Mason had to have his turn.  Mason only got in once.  Carson many, many times. 
 But always the same reaction.  Running for his towel.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

fantastic season

It has been a great basketball season! Carson's team went undefeated. Which he was thrilled about.

Then Mason's team won the championship!  His first game was against our toughest team.  When we won we all thought there might be a chance.  It was very exciting!  My voice was hoarse from yelling.  And Brian got a blood blister under his ring from clapping. 

Way to go boys!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013


I get to spend my Friday's with these two.  It's been a joy.  Adam has discovered Play-Doh and I've learned ours have turned hard.  We did find one container still soft and he went crazy making cookies and using his utility knife.  Bailee is the one that started us in Play-Doh.  All these tools are when she turned 4 or 5.  Over the years I've bought more Play-Doh.  Carson has also been a lover of rolling and cutting.  The other three would play along but rarely was it their idea to pull out the bucket.  Note to self.  Buy more Play-Doh.

Another fun that Adam and I do on Friday's is make cookies.  He loves the whole process.  Today he tasted the brown sugar and LOVED it.  He kept trying to take it out of the bowl.  I told him it's good on oatmeal too.  I'm sure he'll ask for some brown sugar the next time he has oatmeal.

I can't believe how big Harley it getting.  I'm thinking of calling her something else.  (I'm so very tired of when I'm talking about her the family thinks I'm saying Karlee.)  She's 2 1/2 months old.  She smiles quickly and her Daddy gets her laughing often.  It's very cute.  She's more like a McRae than a Shuldberg.  That's new for me.  All these kids around here, as babies, looked like Shuldberg's, even Adam.  It's a true pleasure having grandkids.  I hope all our kids live close enough that I can be a regular in their lives. 

travel excitement

I remember last year when Bailee went on her trip to Paris and Barcelona, a family of three had cute homemade pillows for travel.  I thought that was such a neat idea.  At the time I was NOT sewing.  So that nice feeling was stored away.  THEN when I bought this amazing sewing machine my mind starting going crazy with ideas. 
As our trip got closer and closer I remembered that nice feeling and wanted to do something extra special.  So began the hunt for some kind of travel fabric.  To my surprise there wasn't much selection. :( Although, before I found the fabric I found this travel embroidery design and knew that I would put it on Bailee's pillow.  All would be well.  (I also found other travel designs that I'm sure I'll use later.  LOVE my machine!!)  Bailee's pillow has the design, mine is the pieced top, while Brian's is a simple sham.  I think they fit our personalities.

 All the backs have the same fabric but personalized.  Mine and Brian's have stitching that reads, London  Paris  Hong Kong  Xian  Beijing  Rome  Athens.  Bailee's pillow reads, Toronto  Niagara Falls  Paris  Barcelona  Rome  Athens.

I hope all of us can continue adding to the list of our travels.
Gretchen explained to me how to do a french seam, to give the sham more strength.  The rest I estimated on, had faith, then jumped in with both feet.  I'm very pleased at how they turned out.
NINE more days!!!