Wednesday, October 9, 2013

my day

September has too many birthdays.  In less than a nine week period we have six birthdays around here.  As you may have noticed on my blog Carson's lasted for weeks.  ;) 

My birthday was nice.  It lasted longer than usual for me too.  My MIL made this beautiful table runner for me.  I love it.  The kids have asked over and over if I'm going to have a Texas room in Illinois.  The answer is YES!  I think I'll turn this into a wall hanging.    

 The kids gave me this locket.  It has a person with each of their birthstones in it.  A cowboy boot, a sewing machine, and a heart with "mom".  I love it!! Thanks kids!

Brian had these beautiful flowers delivered to me.  He ended up flying out the morning of my birthday.  They are wonderful.  So is Brian!!  I ended up going out with friends for lunch on Wednesday then different friends on Thursday.

Another year has come and gone.  And I love where we are as a family.  I love my family more than I can express.

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