Saturday, October 12, 2013

another season of soccer

I took this picture right after the photographer said she was finished.  I love it!!
This season Carson knew he wouldn't be to make it to all the games.  He didn't go on his baptism day, then last week we went to Missouri to see Brian.  He will only be able to play in 3 games for the season.  He was OK with only 3 games.  He said he only needed one to make a goal.  That was his score.


 Both Brian and I wasn't able to attend his first game.  Luckily Bailee was around.  Today shortly after the game started Carson headed to the goal.  He kicked...the goalie stopped the ball.  Dang it!!
Third quarter he was in again and he kicked...he SCORED!!!

He was so very excited! He said it was the best day EVER! The best soccer game ever! He's right!! It was exciting to watch him make that goal.

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