Thursday, October 3, 2013

8 is great!!

 Carson's big day!!  This is the longest birthday celebration ever! He was very excited for this day.  We all were. 

It was great having a lot of family attend Carson's baptism.  We have loved having other Shuldberg's in Texas with us.  Only a few more weeks and we'll be gone. :(

Here is the bio that was read at Carson's baptism:

Carson Job Shuldberg was born on September 12, 2005. He is the youngest of 5. He adds fun and imagination to our family daily. He can turn a chopstick into a wand, glasses into Clark Kent, and a cape changes from Superman to Thor to Harry Potter playing Quidditch in the same day. We love his imagination and excitement for life.

His favorite scripture story is when Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel go back to get the plates from Laban. Carson loves the idea that Nephi put on Laban's armor and his brothers don't recognize him. His favorite Primary song is Book of Mormon Stories. And his favorite article of faith is #4.

Carson is in the middle of his soccer season.  His older brother was giving him a hard time telling Carson he would have to miss his baptism because he has a game.  Carson replies, "Even if I loved, loved, loved soccer I wouldn't miss this chance to get baptized." Carson's testimony is growing and he loves sharing it every month.

We love you Carson!! And we are so very proud of you that you chose to be baptized! 

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