Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The last week of June was our family reunion.  It was planned for Lake Tahoe.  But life happens and luckily we're flexible.  Brian's grandma (Shuldberg) passed away so the family headed to Idaho.  She was 91 and had lived a good life.  These last few years had been tough for her.  Although the funeral was the purpose of the trip we were able to plan other activities too.
One day we went to The Civil Defense Caves.  They were impressive.  Very cold, completely dark, and at times I was climbing rocks on all fours.  The younger boys LOVED it.  They took off without an adult and I was concerned when we would meet up with them. 


The view of the Tetons was breathtaking!!

 Another day we went to Rigby Lake. Thanks to Shon and Holly being locals, we had chairs and a shelter.

 After the funeral we took a few family pics.  I don't think anyone told Grandpa the picture was suppose to be silly. ;0) 

Unfortunately McKinzie and Geoff weren't able to make it.  They were missed!

 There was one night we got to together with a few of my siblings.  Terri, Brenda, and Jeannette (and families) met us at the credit union picnic.  It was a lot of fun.  Free food, dunking booth, face painting, bounce houses.  Super fun!

After the boys tried this we got Karlee and Abby to give it a try.  The boys were brutal.

The whole week was fun!  Rumor has it that the next reunion will be in Branson.  Only 8 hours for us.  Woot! Woot!

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