Sunday, July 28, 2013

end of year

This year the end of year awards were held in their classrooms, which I enjoyed more.  Carson had such a great year.  His teacher is amazing.  She lives in our neighborhood and has been a friend for years. 

Carson is such a smartie! And loves to make his friends laugh!  He wasn't the class clown but I'm sure he tied for 2nd.  There were many boys wanting that recognition.
Mason had more of a graduation.  All the 5th graders in the cafeteria with a speaker.  I think the speaker kept their attention.  He had 3 things the students should do.  1. Enjoy everyday  2. Take control of your learning  3. Be yourself.  This is great advice for ALL!  
 On the last day of school the 5th graders played dodge ball.  First against each class then against their parents!  I played too.  It was fun.  My arm sure hurt by the time we were finished playing 5 games.

 Carson's class was a little crazy.  They had sundaes then went outside for a water fight.

As per tradition they held the 5th grade clap out.  I'm not ready for Mason to be a 6th grader.  He's ready though.  He's a very good student.  His best subjects are math and science.  He also had perfect attendance.  Which he loved!

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